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Hinge Board Covers
Government documents, financial reports, hardcopy data or any thick document can be easily bound.
When materials are too thick to fit inside a pamphlet binder, Hinge Board Covers are a natural solution and work well for storing government documents, financial reports or hard copy databases. Used with your in-house binding system such as post bind, velo bind or togic bind, they provide a tightly constructed binding. If you do not have an automated binding system, you can side staple with a heavy-duty stapling system or punch holes in the hinge to post bind or lace.
Hinge Board Covers are made of acrylic-coated gray/white boards with the option of a clear PETG cover at the same price. A 3/4 inch hinge is made of a double thickness of blue poly-cotton C grade book cloth. A variety of sizes are offered plus custom sizing on request to handle your special needs.
Custom sizes available. Contact us for details.
Catalog # Width Height Price
Shipping charges are prepaid and added to your invoice or credit card purchase.
When ordering please specify clear (cl) or board (bd) front cover.
HBC-1 5-1/4 8-1/2 $4.09
HBC-2 5-3/8 9 $4.21
HBC-2A 6-1/4 9-1/2 $4.43
HBC-2B 7 9 $4.41
HBC-2C 7 10 $4.64
HBC-3 7-7/8 11 $5.02
HBC-3A 8-1/2 11 $5.12
HBC-4 9-1/4 13 $5.77
HBC-4A 10 13 $5.90
HBC-5 10-1/4 14 $6.23
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