3 Mil Melinex

3 Mil Melinex by Archival Products

Archival grade polyester L-welded sleeves protect manuscripts, maps, prints, photos, posters, comic books, certificates, collectibles, archives and exhibits from damaging effects of pollutants during handling and storage.

This uncoated film is strong, uniform, dimensionally stable and inert. The film surface is highly polished to give excellent brilliance and clarity.

•Meets standards for plastic enclosures in ISO 18902.
•Contains no surface coatings that could react with inks, adhesives or paper ingredients.
•There are no internal additives such as plasticizers, antioxidants, slip agents, anti-block agents, or UV inhibitors.

Catalog Number
Unit Price
MELINEX1 8 11-1/2 $2.11
MELINEX2 7-1/8 10-1/2 $2.11
MELINEX3 8-5/8 11-1/4 $2.20
MELINEX4 9-5/8 15-1/2 $3.43
MELINEX5 13-7/8 20-1/2 $5.80

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Crystal Clear Bags™

Crystal Clear Bags™ by Archival Products

These acid-free archival quality bags are great for quick, easy and safe storage of photos, art, music and other materials. The adhesive strip is located on the bag instead of the flap to reduce damage when contents are removed or reinserted in the bag.

•1.5 mil polypropylene.
•Chemically stable.
•Superb clarity.
•Contains no surface coatings or additives.
•Passes Photo Activity Test (PAT) per ISO 14523:1999.
•25 per package.
•Up to 3/8" thickness.

Catalog Number
Format Size
Price Per Pkg
CRYSTAL1 8-7/16 10-1/4 8 x 10 $3.21
CRYSTAL2 9-7/16 12-1/4 9 x 12


CRYSTAL3 11-7/16 14-1/4 11 x 14 $4.80
CRYSTAL4 16-3/8 20-1/4 16 x 20


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Polyethylene Zip Bags

Polyethylene Zip Bags by Archival Products

Reclosable plastic storage bags fit many packaging needs to quickly and easily store your collectibles. Protect valuables from fingerprints and dust during handling and storage. Use for photographs, prints, and other ephemera such as magazines, comic books, postcards and emergency freezer storage. 100 per package.

•Soft 2 mil polyethylene made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE).
•100% recyclable.
•Passes P.A.T.
•Chemically stable.
•Contains no surface coatings or additives.
•Premium Zipper snaps open quickly and easily.
•Reinforced side seals to ensure bag doesn't
split when opened or filled.
•Superior clarity.

Catalog Number
ZIP1 4 6 $10.64
ZIP2 5 7 $12.91
ZIP3 9 12 $28.19
ZIP4 12 15 $46.21

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