Sewing Procedure

Archival Products Sewing Procedure

A. When threading your needle, allow enough thread to tie the ends at the completion of the final step. A guideline to measuring the thread length is to multiply the height of the pamphlet by 2 1/2. Sew down through the inner center of the spine leaving a tail of threads to tie off when the sewing is finished. Then sew up through hole 2, across to hole 3 and then back up through hole 1, the center, keeping each end of the thread on opposite sides of the cross thread.

B. Tie a half square knot and pull the ends tightly without tearing the paper.

C. Tie again carefully holding the first half of the knot in place. Gently pluck the string to ensure adequate tension.

D. If the tension is too loose, repeat the process.

E. Trim the ends of the thread 1/4 inch from the knot and fray with the tip of the needle.

Supplies: #3, 2 1/4" long sewing needle. .040 diameter and 20/2 linen thread.