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Plate Enclosure
A new four flap enclosure designed specifically to store tiles, glass plates, and metal sheets.
The Archival Plate Enclosure is a new structural design based on our popular four flap enclosures. The enclosure fully protects and securely holds your materials so they can be easily shelved.
The folder consists of the inner four flap with a single 1/4 inch score made from 20 point archival board and an outer folder made from 40 point archival board with a green Library Summit 1/2 inch spine that allows easy labeling. Available in a variety of sizes, the four flap enclosure safely protects your materials for long-term storage.
To improve ease-of-use when enclosing your materials, the four flaps of the folder are debossed 1 – 4 to indicate the correct folding order. The Archival Plate Enclosure allows you to open the folder and all four flaps, place your tiles or plates in the center and close the numbered flaps in sequential order. Special sizes are quoted and made per order request. Contact us for details.
Enclosure with Interior
Catalog # Width Height Interior Price
PE1414 14-1/4 14-1/4 14x14 $23.27
PE1212 12-1/4 12-1/4 12x12 $19.55
PE1010 10-1/4 10-1/4 10x10 $16.39
PE88 8-1/4 8-1/4 8x8 $13.79
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