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Archival Products is devoted to quality service, excellent products and development of solutions for needs in the preservation community.
We are committed to continual improvement in our processes to maintain our customer’s expectations, make our process more efficient, be consistent in quality, attain better order turn around and improve worker safety. The division relocated in March 2000 to gain ample space for production, warehouse and further expansion. Order fulfillment functions immediately improved with added space and changes in the production layout.
Our team has always been proud of our handcrafted enclosures and with the speed we can produce them. The time came in 2001 to develop a special turn-in machine for pamphlet making and to add conveyors to begin automating our production. Throughout design, development and fabrication of the equipment, we paid close attention to maintaining quality, keeping costs down, turning orders out more quickly and improving operator safety. In spring of 2002 we designed and built a pneumatic scoring device to produce custom-sized four flap enclosures more speedily and ergonomically. The transition from manual to partial automation has been successful. In 2003 we added another machine for enclosures of various components and variable spine widths to reduce repetitive motion and added conveyors to make the process easier on production personnel.
Through the years, we have developed new and innovative solutions for preservation and conservation as well as devices to make those products. We consider research and development a continual process. Through collaboration of colleagues and our development team, ideas evolve from exploration, development, analysis and refinement to the final product.
Format of materials frequently change requiring new types of housing. If you have a special project needing a unique style or special size of preservation enclosure, please contact us. We will help you consider methods to appropriately contain your materials, provide sample options and develop an appropriate product to suit your needs.
We invite you to browse through our online catalog to consider our hand-crafted products. Call 800-526-5640 or email to discuss your collection needs or see a sample enclosure for an impending project. We look forward to working with you to provide archival quality solutions for your collection.
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