Tips and tricks to make your preservation project effective and efficient

Over the years, our team here at Archival Products has worked with many preservation experts at not only improving our offering, but also on creating helpful tools and tutorials for you. Please see below videos that show how to utilize a four flap enclosure or illustrations of the sewing procedures recommended for our pamphlet binders. If you have any questions or need guidance for your preservation project, please reach out to our team here at Archival Products!

Sewing Instructions for our Spine Wrap Pamphlet Binders

Center pamphlet into binder 1. Center the pamphlet into the binder

Sew pamphlet into binder 2. Sew the pamphlet into the binder through the fold or side

 3. Hide the stitches by peeling off the paper on the pressure-sensitive cloth strip

Hide the stitching 4. Smooth the strip around the spine

Your pamphlet never touches adhesives and the binding procedure can be reversed without harm to your materials. The best part is that it takes less than a minute to do.


Sewing Procedure for Pamphlet Binders

A. When threading your needle, allow enough thread to tie the ends at the completion of the final step. A guideline to measuring the thread length is to multiply the height of the pamphlet by 2 1/2. Sew down through the inner center of the spine leaving a tail of threads to tie off when the sewing is finished. Then sew up through hole 2, across to hole 3 and then back up through hole 1, the center, keeping each end of the thread on opposite sides of the cross thread.

B. Tie a half square knot and pull the ends tightly without tearing the paper.

C. Tie again carefully holding the first half of the knot in place. Gently pluck the string to ensure adequate tension.

D. If the tension is too loose, repeat the process.

E. Trim the ends of the thread 1/4 inch from the knot and fray with the tip of the needle.

Supplies: #3, 2 1/4" long sewing needle. .040 diameter and 20/2 linen thread.


Instruction video for Spine Wrap Pamphlet Binders


 Quick Bind Pamphlet Binder Instructions

1 Center your pamphlet into the binder.

2 Staple or sew your pamphlet through the fold or side.

Your pamphlet never touches adhesives and the binding procedure can be reversed without harm to your materials.


Four Flap Enclosures Measuring Instructions

Items that require custom four flap enclosures are often quite old and cockled, making it difficult to accurately obtain a good measurement. Measure the length and the width of the book and if it is at a 16th of an inch go to the next 1/8-inch. To measure the depth or thickness of the book, lay it flat on a table. Lightly place your hand on the top cover, measure the thickness of the spine and then the fore edge by standing a ruler up on end on the table top, first against the spine and then at the fore edge. Use the measurement that is greater to create a good fit for each volume.


Adjustable Four Flap Enclosures Instructions


Manuscript Folder Assembly Instructions

Archival Products Manuscript Folder Instructions Step 1

1. Insert your document into the protective sleeve.
Archival Products Manuscript Folder Instructions Step 2 2. The optional protective sleeve eliminates damage during insertion and removal.
Archival Products Manuscript Folder Instructions Step 3 3. Carefully slide the protective sleeve into the envelope. Tab should remain on outside to use as a pull.


Envelope and sleeve options for Manuscript Folders