Archival Products promotes a customer service culture throughout our organization. Our aim is to provide you with complete solutions, not just sell products. We value innovation and two-way communication, and recognize the work it takes to create and sustain a culture that fosters those values. 

What our customers have to say...

“Wonderful Company - Your customer service is excellent and stands behind the quality of all your products. Your packaging solutions are well considered and constructed.”
– Preservation Librarian

“We recently decided to try Archival Products’ EZ binders, after having purchased your spine wrap music binders with a pocket for years. In the past we had used another supplier for glue-in binders and recently tried an alternative source. We became increasingly unhappy with both their product and their speed of service. My students found that in order to get their binding strips to hold, they had to add some glue to the water they were applying. My students have just tried out the Archival Products EZ binders this week, and they are so much happier with them! We are able to use only water to moisten the strips, the overall appearance of the binders is clean and professional, and the speed of service from Archival Products is excellent. We are very happy and will likely be using you for all of our binder needs now!”
– University Library Preservation Librarian

“Archival Products was enthusiastic about the collaborative effort to create a new folder that was perfect for our needs. Our conservation staff was delighted with the result and we found the entire process of design and modification to be very gratifying. The conservators here have used the academy folders for many different collections and we are always proud to explain their creation to fellow conservators and other visitors to the lab.”
– Conservator, Book & Paper Conservation Laboratory

“One of the Conservators’ jobs is to choose appropriate, sound materials to protect and house their libraries’ collection. We have chosen to purchase from Archival Products. I personally would like to thank Archival Products for maintaining such a consistently high quality, both with their products and their customer relations.”
– Collections Care Conservation

“Just wanted to tell you that I have finally over the last few weeks gotten up and running with sewing the music scores in the binders. I absolutely love them! There are now two more donations of collections waiting to be added to the library that will need more music binders. Thanks again for all your help; you were a life saver for me in all this.”
– Technical Services, Head of Binding

“One of the outstanding characteristics of your company is the very obvious tendency to listen to feedback and then apply it. This spiral binder style with the wire is only one of the many times you and your staff have come up with a really workable solution after having heard out the needs of the customers. And that is a really wonderful trademark of Archival Products.”
– Conservation Technician