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CoLibri Book Cover System
A tailor fit that is automatic.
CoLibri is the first automated system that envelops the entire book with dust jacket without any adhesive. The process takes less than 30 seconds and consolidates a library’s entire book covering operation into a single process. The special polyethylene covers protect all edges yet can be removed or replaced without damaging the endsheet of the book, the book cover or the dust jacket. Your book's cover is completely encapsulated and protected.
CoLibri Book Covering System has a sleek look, is compact and can fold for travel. The quick application saves time, protects your book with a perfectly tailored cover and improves the life span of your books. The CoLibri Pocket Machine covers books using the mini, standard and big covers. The Leonardo Machine utilizes less space and accommodates book sizes in the mini and standard size range. Both will protect soft-cover books, jacketed hard bound books or leather bindings with red rot.
Pouches are available in three sizes to accommodate a wide range of book sizes. Pouches for enveloping documents, certificates, photographs and objects are also available. Using the same pouches for hard covers, paperbacks, magazines and jacket covers can minimize your cover material stock levels.
Catalog # Description / HxW Pieces/Pkg Unit Price Total Price
Shipping charges are prepaid and added to your invoice or credit card purchase.
COLLEONARDO CoLibri e-Leonardo 1 $1,980.00 $1,980.00
COLDAVINCI CoLibri e-DaVinci machine 1 $2,284.50 $2,284.50
COLSTDCOVER CoLibri standard covers
for 12-5/8 X 19-3/8
250 $1.08 $270.00
COLBIGCOVER CoLibri big covers for
24-3/4 X 16-7/8 3.5mil
125 $1.18 $147.00
COLIBRIA4 CoLibri transparent envelopes A4 for
8-1/4 X 12-7/8 3.5mil
50 $0.89 $44.30
COLIBRIA3 CoLibri transparent envelopes A3 for
11-5/8 X 17-3/4 3.5mil
50 $0.89 $44.30
COLIBRIA2 CoLibri transparent envelopes A2 for
16-3/4 X 24-3/8 3.5mil
25 $1.27 $31.75
COLIBRIA1 CoLibri transparent envelopes A1 for
23-3/8 X 34-1/4 3.5mil
25 $1.51 $37.80