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Non-Glare Polypropylene
Book Cover
A protective book wrap that naturally forms around a book without pre-creasing.
Developed specifically as an easy-to-use publisher jacket cover, this smooth 3-mil non-glare polypropylene is an impressive material for covering and protective book wrapping. No tape that could potentially damage the books is needed. The relative non-slip of the book cover grips the book as it is handled. Just slide the publisher jacket head into the pre-folded edge, bring up the tail, fold by eye and crease. The covered jacket gloves onto the book and around the foredge without any pre-creasing. An extremely easy application! the end result is a non-glare book cover with improved legibility that protects the book and jacket against water damage, abrasion, dirt, dust and soiling.
This lightweight non-glare polypropylene book cover is clear, colorless and safe for long term storage. It's non-sharp edges will not catch running tears. It has a variety of uses such as for publisher jacketed books, special collections, rare books and books with red rot. The polypropylene is easily cut and folded for use for panoramic photo straps, photo corners or other applications and can be ultrasonic welded for overlay for a variety of collections including maps and documents.
Non-glare polypropylene can also be incorporated into archival enclosures that double as display enclosures. This is a very useful combination enclosure, especially for classroom demonstration materials, not to mention the more universal situation of table-top research use of multiple items. The non-glare feature prevents the distracting reflections of overhead lighting and greatly eases examination of the document without requiring removal of the item or lifting of the protective film. Non-glare polypropylene is a solution to the problems of reflective polyester that presents a real obstacle for display, camera copy, ease of viewing and inhibits application of polyester overlay as a reader-friendly, aesthetically acceptable enclosure. An advantage of the polypropylene protector is that it does not visibly scuff.
An added value to Archival Products non-glare polypropylene book cover is a slip sheet to ease stacking and handling. The acid-free buffed interleave can be used for a variety of conservation applications. This board remains flat and stable in a variety of climates.
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