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Exposed Spine Four Flap
This unique enclosure was proposed by and developed in collaboration with the University of Iowa for their large pulp fiction collection in 2015. The Exposed Spine Four Flap safeguards pulp fiction books, rare books, and similar special collections, yet gives visibility of the book’s spine through the polyester window when shelved.
This Exposed Spine Four Flap is constructed of .020 sandstone archival board and 3-mil polyester. Your book is placed inside. The polyester wraps around the spine and front cover. Then, the archival board wraps around the fore edge, tail, head, and front of the book for vital protection.
Catalog # Width Height Depth Price
ESFF01 7-1/8 10-1/8 13/16 $6.13
ESFF02 7 10 1/2 $6.87
ESFF03 7 10 3/4 $6.93
ESFF04 8-1/2 11 1/2 $7.18
ESFF05 8-1/2 11 3/4 $7.24
ESFF06 8-1/2 11-1/2 1/2 $7.36