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Quick Bind Pamphlet Binders
Maintain archival standards when budgets are limited with our QB binders.
To create a more affordable yet equally effective binder, we streamlined our patented Spine Wrap™ Pamphlet Binder. The same select components used in our Spine Wrap™ Pamphlet Binder are used in our Quick Bind™ Pamphlet Binder with the elimination of the spine wrap that conceals sewing or stapling on the spine. If the spine wrap is not needed for your project and you want superior materials, the Quick Bind™ Pamphlet Binder is the solution. Made of acrylic-coated 56 point pamphlet board to guard against moisture, abrasion and soiling, it has Library Summit spine and interior hinge. The Quick Bind™ Pamphlet Binder protects your pamphlet and provides a case for shelving of pamphlets. The finished pamphlet binding is completely reversible by removing the staples or stitches. Archival Products offers the clear advantage on all of our pamphlet binders—you may choose a heavy 20 point clear PETG or gray/white board front for the same price.
Catalog # Width Height Price
Shipping charges are prepaid and added to your invoice or credit card purchase.
When ordering please specify:
• clear (cl) or board (bd) front cover
• score on spine: A-zero, B-1/8", C-1/4", D-3/8", E-1/2", X-none
• your supplied security strips installed $.28 each
Tyvek CD Pockets may be added to any binder.
PAM-QB-0A1 5 8 $4.20
PAM-QB-01 5-1/2 8 $4.27
PAM-QB-02 5-1/2 8-1/2 $4.33
PAM-QB-03 6-1/4 9 $4.40
PAM-QB-04 6-1/4 9-1/2 $4.41
PAM-QB-05 7 10 $4.70
PAM-QB-06 7-3/4 10-1/2 $4.93
PAM-QB-06A 7-1/2 11 $5.00
PAM-QB-07 7-3/4 11 $5.07
PAM-QB-08 8-1/2 11-1/2 $5.24
PAM-QB-09 8-1/2 12 $5.30
PAM-QB-09A 9 12 $5.56
PAM-QB-9B 9-3/4 12-1/4 $5.88
PAM-QB-9C 11 12-1/2 $6.46
PAM-QB-10 10 14 $6.56
PAM-QB-10A 10-3/4 13-1/4 $6.80
PAM-QB-11 11-1/2 16 $7.46
PAM-QB-12 13-1/2 18 $8.58
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