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Spine Wrap Pamphlet Binders
Pamphlet binder with spine wrap hides stitching and is completely reversible.
Constructed of high density, acrylic-coated gray board and blue poly-cotton C grade cloth, the Spine Wrap™ Pamphlet Binder was originated and patented by LBS Archival Products. In the mid-80s as a cooperative effort with preservation librarians and book conservators, this binder, after years of design, development and testing, became the solution to pamphlet binders that caused damage due to installation procedures and binder composition.
The Spine Wrap™ Pamphlet Binder offers durability, efficiency, preservation, an aesthetically pleasing appearance and reversibility. Your pamphlet can be quickly and easily stapled or sewn into the Spine Wrap™ Pamphlet Binder to give it ultimate protection. The pressure-sensitive adhesive strip that is applied across the back of the binder after stitching is complete, conceals and protects the binding structure giving a finished look to the bound document. Archival Products offers the clear advantage on all of our pamphlet binders—you may choose a heavy 20 point clear PETG or dark gray board front for the same price. There is no extra charge for the clear front.
Catalog # Width Height Quantity Discount
      1-299 300-499 500+
Shipping charges are prepaid and added to your invoice or credit card purchase.
When ordering please specify:
• clear (cl) or board (bd) front cover
• score on spine: A-zero, B-1/8", C-1/4", D-3/8", E-1/2", X-none
• your supplied security strips installed $.25 each
Tyvek CD Pockets may be added to any binder.
PAM-SW-01 5-1/2 8 $4.95 $4.83 $4.70
PAM-SW-02 5-1/2 8-1/2 $5.08 $4.96 $4.84
PAM-SW-03 6-1/4 9 $5.32 $5.19 $5.05
PAM-SW-04 6-1/4 9-1/2 $5.47 $5.33 $5.20
PAM-SW-05 7 10 $5.72 $5.58 $5.44
PAM-SW-06 7-3/4 10-1/2 $5.98 $5.84 $5.69
PAM-SW-07 7-3/4 11 $6.14 $5.98 $5.84
PAM-SW-08 8-1/2 11-1/2 $6.42 $6.26 $6.10
PAM-SW-09 8-1/2 12 $6.57 $6.41 $6.25
PAM-SW-10 10 14 $7.53 $7.34 $7.16
PAM-SW-11 11-1/2 16 $8.56 $8.34 $8.13
PAM-SW-12 13-1/2 18 $9.82 $9.58 $9.34
Read "A short history of the Archival Products' Spine Wrap Pamphlet and Music Binder".
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