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Bookkeeper Deacidification Spray

Bookkeeper Deacidification Spray


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All paper can be made acid-free with Bookkeeper. This easy to use, non-aerosol spray gently neutralizes harmful acids while providing a lasting protective buffer against future acid problems. Developed in conjunction with world-renowned research libraries and archives, Bookkeeper was designed to ensure extended life of your paper-based materials.
Note: To free a clogged spray nozzle, clean nozzle with vinegar.


  • Use on newspaper clippings, letters, awards, certificates, drawings, cards, stamp collections and other paper memorabilia.
  • Material components are non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable and odor-free.
  • Contains no solvents that dissolve or affect inks, colors or adhesives.
  • Completely safe for the environment and contains no CVCs or propellants.
  • Do not use directly on photographs. Can be used safely with materials that come in direct contact with photos such as mats, screens, cutouts and backing materials.
  • Covers 25 square feet of paper or 300 3"" x 4"" clippings.

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