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Archival Document Case

Archival Document Case


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The acrylic-coated, water resistant board used to make our archival quality document cases resists dust, dirt and fingerprints during handling and storage. Recommended for collections that receive heavy use or are stored in environments where moisture is a potential problem. The cases are constructed of acid-free, lignin-free 60 point gray/white archival board with a pH of 8.5 and buffered with 3% calcium carbonate. The board is acrylic-coated on the exterior surface only. Chrome metal edges give structural support.
Our acrylic-coated Archival Document Case with reinforced metal corners features a pull string which makes retrieval of a fully loaded document case from a shelf quick and effortless. The case safely keeps your records free from abrasion, soiling and moisture as well as eases removal from the shelf.


  • Reinforced metal corners
  • Pull string for easy retrieval

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