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EZ™ Pamphlet Binder - Pack of 5

EZ™ Pamphlet Binder - Pack of 5


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The durable, sturdy, affordable classic style of the EZ Binder is the answer for frequently used pamphlets, magazines and other materials that need extra protection from daily handling. Heavily used or short-lived materials can be directly glued into the binder or stitched into a paper liner prior to gluing. The structure of acrylic coated gray/white board and black Library Summit spine features a stitched acid-free cotton cambric interior strip coated with a remoistenable adhesive that is easy to use.
The 5/8 inch spine allows binding of only one sheet or up to 1/4 inch of materials. Simply moisten the gummed cambric with a brush, insert materials with the bottom flush with the binder and allow the strip to dry before using. For quick identification of your insert, you may choose a 20 point clear PETG cover at no extra charge.


  • Binding structure uses pH neutral remoistenable adhesive.
  • Front cover may be .056 gray/white archival board or .020 PETG.
  • Distance between covers is 5/8 inch to allow for versatility of materials to be bound.
  • 8.5 pH board contains a 3% calcium carbonate reserve.
  • Unique design of spine allows you to bind normal pamphlet materials up to 1/4 inch thickness.
  • Acrylic-coated black Library Summit spine.
  • Pamphlets are made with PVA adhesive.
  • For large orders or yearly contracts, choose from 8 spine cloth colors.

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