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Reinforced L-Sleeve - Pack of 5

Reinforced L-Sleeve - Pack of 5


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The Reinforced L-Sleeve is an excellent storage solution for protecting letters, documents, photographs, prints, and thinner pamphlets when extra support is needed, and display of the front (recto) side is important. Our popular, crystal clear Archival Polyester L-Sleeve is given extra stability by inserting your choice of archival boards–our 40-point Sandstone or our acrylic coated Gray/White Pamphlet Board.
Reinforced L-Sleeves are often housed in boxes, such as our Drop-Front Storage Boxes or our Archival Document Cases.
“To fit” sizing represents your photo or document. L-Sleeve is actually slightly larger in both dimensions.


  • Choose 40-point Sandstone Archival Board or 56-point High-Density Acrylic-Coated Gray/White Pamphlet Board
  • Boards are 8.5 pH (buffered with a 3% calcium carbonate reserve) and has non-detectable lignin.
  • Polyester meets standards for plastic enclosures in ISO 18902.
  • Board is attached to the sleeve
  • 3 mil Archival Polyester
  • Passes Photo Activity Test (PAT)
  • Contains no surface coatings that could react with inks, adhesives or paper ingredients.
  • There are no internal additives such as plasticizers, antioxidants, or UV inhibitors.
  • Custom sizing available.

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