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Sandstone Archival Board - 40pt - Pack of 30

Sandstone Archival Board - 40pt - Pack of 30


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This board is excellent for phase boxes, folders and shelf-lining. Made from a fully bleached virgin kraft, levels of trace metal impurities are less than the allowable standard of 30 parts per million of copper and one part per million of iron. Colorfast and fade-resistant pigments, rather than dyes, give these boards their soft tan color. Our sandstone archival board exceeds LOC and NARA stiffness and abrasion requirements.


  • Sheets are 40 x 25 inches, grain short. For other sizes, please contact our customer service team. Full sheets (40 x 50 inches) need to be shipped via truck. 
  • Construction is a three-ply board made with .020 high alpha cellulose white core between two pieces of .010 tan stock.
  • 8.5 pH board contains a 3% calcium carbonate reserve.
  • No rosin, rosin/alum or acid sizing agents are used during manufacturing.
  • Pulp has non-detectable lignin content and contains no groundwood.
  • Minimum alpha content of 92%.
  • Passes Photographic Activity Test (PAT) per ISO 14523:1999 (formerly ANSI T9.16-1993).
  • Passes stiffness, abrasion and colorfast test.
  • Sheets can be cut to your specific dimensions.
  • Also available in 10pt. 20pt. or 60pt. calipers.

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