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Spine Wrap™ Music Binders with Board Cover (No Pocket) - Pack of 5

Spine Wrap™ Music Binders with Board Cover (No Pocket) - Pack of 5


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Spine Score

Providing the benefits needed for preservation and utilization by musicians, the Spine Wrap™ Music Binder is a complex treatment that is easy to use and meets archival quality performance standards. Designed for maximum flexibility, it lies flat on a music stand or piano desk for convenient use during performance. Offered in standard sheet music and oblong sizes, the Spine Wrap™ Music Binder fits rectangular pages and music bound at the top of the page. Besides protecting the music, the binder also protects bibliographic information on the first and last pages of the score.
Separate music sheets or other parts can be housed in the optional pockets. We offer vertically placed die-cut straight or diagonal pockets made of Library Summit, a latex-saturated cellulose/nylon blend with an aqueous acrylic coating, Tyvek® vertical pockets or full width Tyvek® pockets with diagonal cut access. All of the pockets are designed to prevent damage that often occurs when papers are pushed into conventional pockets.


  • .056 board is acid free and lignin free.
  • Gray/White board is acrylic-coated to resist abrasion, soiling and water stains.
  • 3% calcium carbonate reserve.
  • Acrylic-coated Library Summit on spine.
  • Acid-neutral polyvinyl acetate adhesives.
  • Spine wrap coated with acid-neutral, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive.
  • Spine cloth adds 3/4 inch to width.
  • Corners are rounded to prevent damage.
  • .020 clear PETG front cover version available at no extra charge.
  • Various pocket styles are available to avoid damage to parts.
  • Optional spine scoring.
  • Custom sizes available.

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