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Spiral Book Binder - Pack of 5

Spiral Book Binder - Pack of 5


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The Spiral Book Binder, designed with the University of Iowa and consulting with preservation librarians and book conservators, is a quick and easy solution developed specifically for spiral bound books. The .040 sandstone archival board is scored and flexed to form the binder’s spine. The .020 PETG clear cover, attached with durable Library Summit, shows the cover of the book you insert. For books with a spiral larger than 7/16, 1/2 or 3/4", a high-density acrylic coated gray/white archival board strap or wire for 1/2" spines is riveted to the inside spine and is used to spear the book’s spiral. William Minter, book conservator, has worked with us to develop a solution for books with a 1/4 inch spiral using a stainless steel wire. A hole is pre-drilled through the spine of the binder for the locking mechanism.
Insertion entails slipping the spiral of the book over the strap, attaching the polypropylene lock through the spine hole and strap or wire, applying the lock nut on the inside of the binder and clipping the end of the shaft to the appropriate length. Flexing the covers in the opposite direction once before inserting your spiral book helps the continuous board binder lie better. The binder is available with 3/4, 1-1/4 or 1-3/4 inch spine strap or wire for 1/4 inch spirals.


  • .040 sandstone archival board contains a 3% calcium carbonate reserve, is acid-free and has non-detectable lignin.
  • Corners are rounded to prevent damage.
  • Adhesives are acid-neutral polyvinyl acetate.
  • Polypropylene locking rivet.
  • .020 clear PETG front cover.
  • .056 high-density acrylic-coated gray/white archival board book insertion strap.
  • Custom sizes available at a minimum order of 25 pieces.
  • Additional polypropylene locking rivets can be ordered upon request. Please contact us to inquire about additional locking rivets with your order!

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