Archival Polyester – A Clear Choice

We’re excited at the response by customers since Archival Products began enhancing our Archival Polyester line!

New Styles And Sizes

As you know, Archival Polyester (a.k.a., Mylar, Melinex, Skyrol) is a trusted, safe material that allows you to protect your documents and photographs, while maintaining perfect clarity. We’ve even heard of people scanning the content right through the polyester!

In February, we announced we were adding two new product styles and completely revamping our sizes. This took our number of stock items from 5 to 42. Now, our sizes more accurately reflect the sizes of documents and photographs our customers are protecting. We also made it easier to pick a size, as we list them in “to fit” sizes. If you have an 8×10 photo, you simply by an Archival Polyester Sleeve that is sized to fit 8×10’s. Easy.

Of course, we still have customers with unique-sized items to keep safe, so we offer to make custom sizes. They’re often surprised that they really don’t pay a premium for these custom solutions.

Different styles and sizes of Archival Polyester enclosures.

Stay tuned for more…

The great response from customers on our basic Sleeves, L-Sleeves, and Envelopes makes us even more eager to roll out new specialty products. We’ll also be looking to expand our existing product lines that incorporate Archival Polyester into their designs (see for example our Academy Folders, our over-sized Newspaper & Map Folders, or the Reinforced L-Sleeves).

So, stay tuned for more product announcements. If you have suggestions of new products that use Archival Polyester, we’d love to hear them! Just contact us and we’ll be happy to help create a solution for your Archival Polyester needs.

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